The mask carries love…’warm impressions’ for the environmental sanitation center


Cedor Fashion Group, CETTU Korea, donated 10,000 masks to Seoul City Hall union

With the prolonged COVID- 19 outbreak, a warm hand was made for the environmental cleaners who are struggling with street cleaning, warming the surroundings .

CEDOR Fashion Group , CETTU Korea ( representative Mi-hye Jung ) is 23 at the Seoul City Hall unions ( Chairman Jae Hong Ahn ) Corona the 19 safety masks for infection prevention 10,000 were donated to the chapter .


Seoul City


Representative Mi-hye Jung, Chairman Jae-hong Ahn and Dae-wook Lee, Secretary General of the Labor Union attended the ceremony .

Seoul City Hall union of 25 members got to work the ball regardless of the autonomous districts ( street cleaners ), 2500 to the association of members for the rights of people , formed a partnership in Seoul and a strong relationship and strives to improve the ball regardless of treatment .

CEO Chung ( former Ninewest Asia branch ) has been managing fashion handbag manufacturing and exporting companies for the past 30 years . In a difficult situation with Corona 19 , it has entered the mask supply and sales market to help Korea .

CEO  Mi-hye Jung representative  Mask Manufacturer ( weeks ) PAUL MADE manufacturing a mask specialized manufacturing enterprises , design , embossed , and direct the whole process of stickers such as price and quality, because just left the factory , the factory to provide the best satisfaction in service ” while high ” to a selected the best products and reasonable price stringent standards will provide to the people , ” he said aspirations .

Seoul National Assembly Newspaper
Date: 2020-09-24 19:48
Reporter: Hyun Geun- ho (

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