CEDOR always values ​​the best people who will realize the future that humanity dreams of with an enterprising spirit of challenge and creative thinking.


Recruitment part

CEDOR Regular and occasional recruitment by each company / department (separate notice when hiring)


Required documents
1. Curriculum vitae and self-introduction (experiencers are career-oriented)
2. Final school graduation (planned) certificate and transcripts (including bachelor’s course for master’s and higher)
3. Copies of various qualifications and transcripts of language proficiency within the last 2 years
4. Career certificate (only for experienced persons)
5. In accordance with related laws and regulations, national veterans and persons with disabilities are preferentially employed. (Submit documentary evidence)


Admission process and successful applicant announcement
1. Procedure: Document screening > Interview screening > Health check-up > Admission
2 Announcement: Notification of acceptance

Recruitment inquiry
For employment inquiries, please email ( )