CEDOR Fashion Group Co., Ltd. · CETTU Korea, donated 5,000 KF94 masks to the Catholic University of Eunpyeong St. Mary’s Hospital

가톨릭대학교 은평성모병원 KF94 마스크2020.09.09 Wednesday / Acebiomed, Inc.Middle: CEDOR Fashion Group, CETTU Korea, CEO Jung Mi-hye


CEDOR Fashion Group Co., Ltd. · CETTU Korea donated 5,000 KF94 masks at the Catholic University’s Eunpyeong St.

CEDOR Fashion Group Co., Ltd. CETTU Korea CEO Mi-hye Jeong, hospital director Kwon Soon-yong, and hospital officials attended the ceremony on this day.

Former Ninewest Asia branch president Mi-hye Jung, who has been running a fashion handbag manufacturing and exporting company for the past 30 years, decided to supply and sell masks to help Korea in a difficult situation due to Corona 19. We intend to select and provide masks to the public at an appropriate price.

HD Medis, a mask manufacturer selected by CEO Jung Mi-hye, is a company that realizes customer satisfaction through continuous quality improvement and quality assurance activities, establishes and executes a thorough production system with quality as the top priority, and constantly strives.

The KF94 mask delivered this time will be used for medical staff and staff fighting Corona 19 in the medical field as a well-being finder’s yellow sand mask.

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